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Message from the President

We are achieving the “Living-Together Economy” with technological innovation

I'm Yeong Cheol Seok, an executive officer/Chairman of Korea Institute for Advanced Technology. Thank you for visiting our website.

KIAT is an Advanced Institute of Technology that was established in 2009 May as a quasi non-governmental organization under Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Energy.

KIAT has been conducting various enterprises ranging from industrial technology policy planning to academic-industrial collaboration, local industry promotion, middle-standing enterprises support, technology commercialization, research foundation building, material components industry support, and international technical cooperation. Technological development in numerous areas such as AI, big data, IoT (Internet of Things), moving networks for 5G communication systems, has significant impact on the entire field of economy, society and industry.

Technologies and machines have gradually taken over the jobs for humans, and problems of low birthrates and aging population have facilitated a decrease of working age population.

In light of this situation, we realized that there is a need for resolute innovation for our manufacturing that has guided economic development and job creation.

The necessity/importance of ‘Economy for Living Well Together’ to overcome social polarization is also growing.

I believe we could seek solutions from ‘technological innovation’ for numerous problems we encounter in the ongoing fourth industrial revolution.

Of course, to make possible for the active and challenging technological innovation, industrial technology that backs up the innovation should be rigid and strong.

KIAT, as a specialized promotion agency that supports active technological innovation of industry, university, and research facility, is putting rigorous efforts on providing/offering professional and sophisticated services needed for South Korea to spearhead the fourth Industrial Revolution, as a leading country of technology.

We will keep on putting our utmost efforts to support a variety of innovation activities to be achieved within the industrial technology innovation ecosystem with solid/successful Industry-University-Institute Collaboration. We promise to work hard to be a trustworthy public institution for citizens, corporates, and government.
I am looking forward to keeping your constant interests and support.

Thank you.

Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology
PRESIDENT Yeong Cheol Seok