Innovative Platforms for Industrial Technology

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Mission and Vision

[ Purpose of establishment ]
Efficient and systematic promotion of industrial technology innovation and support for the development of related policies.
[ Mission ]
To realize a technologically leading nation through related industrial technology policy and infrastructure strengthening.
[ Vision ]
Innovative Platforms for Industrial Technology
Core values
  • Innovation KIAT contributes to enhancing industrial development and enterprise growth in response to the rapidly changing external environments.
  • Fairness KIAT aims towards the realization of a fair society through honest and transparent competition and management structure.
  • Harmony KIAT fulfills the value of coexistence through empathy based on trust and mutual respect.
  • Professionalism KIAT enhances future competitiveness in a macro perspective and to secure professionalism for innovative management.
Strategic Objectives
  1. 01Advancement of Innovative growth Advancement of Innovative growth
    • Supporting technological commercialization platform
    • Advancing infrastructures for innovative development
    • Leading the global competition of enterprises
    • Regulation reform for pre-eminent ideas
  2. 02Business growth support Business growth support through boosting competence of enterprises
    • Stimulating regional economy and local industries
    • Establishing support system for SMEs
    • Promoting materials & components industries
    • Developing technical experts through industry-academia-institute collaboration
  3. 03Policy development Industrial R&D policy development designing the future
    • Planning innovative R&D policy
    • Developing policy based on accumulated R&D data
    • Strategy for promoting the new industries
    • Reporting the outcomes of policy
  4. 04Innovative management Customer-oriented organization management
    • Enhancing employees’ professionalism and motivation
    • Establishing a fair organization culture of mutual respect and embrace
    • Strengthening customer-oriented management and safety-first policy
    • Management for ethics and human rights