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Industrial Technology Policy Planning

KIAT, as a designer of innovation, leads an industrial technological policy. KIAT designs the future through establishing long-term strategies and policy planning.

1Innovation Policy Research

Identifying, researching, and planning policies and issues in regards to industry

  • Research for mid- to long-term policy objectives
  • Investigating policy trends
2Mid- to Long-term Strategy

Establishing R&D strategies in various industrial environments

  • Development and establishment of strategies for developing high-tech industry and industrial technology R&BD
3Statistical Analysis

Provide comprehensive performance analyses in R&D

4 Networking Forums

Host networking forums to bridge industry, academia, and research institutes

  • Participants from industry and academia such as engineering educational innovation centers, and other technology-related enterprises or institutes

Main Programs

  • Industrial Technology Policy Research and Planning
  • Industrial Technology R&D Statistical Analysis
  • Industrial Technology Strategy Implementation
  • Networking Forums