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Support Middle Market Enterprise

KIAT helps important middle market enterprises grow into the global standard. To help the Hidden Champions grow into MMEs and global enterprises, KIAT establishes support system such as R&D, overseas market expansion, consulting, and training human resources.

1 Policy for MME

Improving support policies

  • Improving laws and regulations
  • Running comprehensive support programs
2World Class+ Project

Supporting growth of promising global enterprises and regional MMEs

  • World Class+ projects and Global Hidden Champions program etc.
  • Promotion support for regional representative MMEs
3Support Sustainable Growth

Hold international conferences concerning innovative growth

Develop key R&D resources and hold job fairs to create jobs for MMEs and the Hidden Champions

Promote MME's capability of engineering, software, design and support to develop high value products

4Gender Equality in R&D

Expanding female R&D researchers in various industrial areas

  • Hold Job fairs to expand female R&D researchers
  • Job consultation for returning to work after career break
  • K-Girls' Day program

Main Programs

  • World Class+ Project
  • Competency Improvement Program for The Hidden Champions
  • Global Tech Company Promotion Program
  • K-Girls’ Day