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Mission and Vision

KIAT Vision and Strategy (2018~2022)

Purpose of establishment
Efficient and systematic promotion of industrial technology innovation and support for the development of related policies.
To realize a technologically leading nation through related industrial technology policy and infrastructure strengthening.
Partner for industrial technology innovation and corporate job creation.
Core values
Sustainability • Fairness • Sympathy • Co-Evolution

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Strategic Objectives

  • 1

    Innovation-driven job creation

  • 2

    Advancement of technology innovation infrastructure beyond global standards

  • 3

    Identify and foster new programs that will lead the future

  • 4

    Customer-oriented innovative organization management

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Strategic Tasks

  • 1
    • Enhance the support foundations for job creation
    • Strengthen the customized support system for enterprise growth
    • Strengthen support for technology commercialization reflecting demands
  • 2
    • Encourage outcome-oriented global technology cooperation
    • Foster human resources in response to industrial market demands
    • Establish reliability-based technology innovation infra
  • 3
    • Reinforce the system for identifying future growth engines
    • Foster strategic initiatives through advanced management system
    • Disseminate outcomes of successful projects
  • 4
    • Enhance employees’ professionalism and motivation
    • Strengthen customer-oriented management with the aim of delivering customer value
    • Establish a fair organization culture of mutual benefits and collaboration