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Industry-Academia Cooperation

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KIAT fosters tomorrow’s engineers and facilitate industry-academia cooperation. KIAT builds bridges between industry and academia. It develops talented engineers, puts industry requirements at the centre of industry-academia cooperation, provides direct access to and experience of industrial technology, and nurtures Korea’s talent pool to become future managers and innovators.

Human resource

  • structural support for field orientated and consumer-orientated engineering education
  • support for engineering education innovation programs

- operate 62 engineering educational innovation centers and 9 engineering technology innovation centers
- nurture 30 universities for efficient industry-academia cooperation

Industry-academia cooperation

- drive programs for industry-academia cooperation within industrial complexes

- develop cooperative industrial complexes (7 complexes)
- corporate associated human resource development programs (7 universities and 32 corporations)

Quality Job Creation

- support SMEs to create jobs and to employ high-quality R&D staff

- support innovative technology researchers who hold an MSc. Or PhD (800 researchers per year)
- support for circa 180 nanotechnology specialists per year

Technology-Humanity Convergence

- build platforms within industrial complexes to promote the convergence of technology and humanities and to strengthen its usage within corporations

- host 10 ‘convergence concerts’ per year (approx 900 participants)
- host the ‘Tech+ forum’ (approx 900 participants)

Industrial Technology Culture Center

- Construct an industrial technology museum to serve as ‘industrial technology culture’ space

- conduct research on professional industrial technology engineers in 22 fields including textiles, vehicles and semiconductors
- publish books for professional industrial technology engineers and for those aspiring to the profession (7 books)

Main Programs

  • 1.Engineering-Innovation Education Support Program
  • 2.Center for Young Talent Program
  • 3.Industrial Complexes Development Program
  • 4.Industry-Academia Convergence Development Program
  • 5.Industry-Academia Support Program