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Technology commercialization

Technology commercialization

KIAT supports the life-cycle of technology commercialization including initial investment funding, patent utilization, and technology transfer from research institutes to business.

Technology Transfer and Commercialization Infrastructure

Implement ‘Network for Tech Biz (NTB)’, a platform for all technology commercialization actors to integrate efficiently
  • Technology Commercialization Association (TCA) and Technology Licensing Offices (TLO)

Utilization of Intellectual Property

Operate various programs to promote infrastructure establishment, technology donation, and technology sharing
  • IP pool creation for SMEs and IP utilization support

Dissemination of R&D Results and Commercialization

Provide financial support for all commercialization stages
  • New Growth Engine investment funding and private-public joint funding program

Management of Technology (MOT)

Foster Management of Technology (MOT) talent and professional technology commercialization personnel
  • global technology management forums and MOT system excellence awards

Main Programs

  • 1.Technology Transfer Promotion Program
  • 2.Core Technology-holding Company Support Program
  • 3.Business Ideas Commercialization Program
  • 4.Industrial Technology Commercialization Funding Program
  • 5.Research and Business Development (R&BD) Program