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Materials and Components

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KIAT drives Korea in its quest to become one of the world’s top four Materials and Components countries by 2020.

M&C Strategy

  • Research and establish M&C growth policies and strategies
  • prepare M&C sector promotion strategies

M&C Reliability

- Enhance Korean M&C business quality and reliability

M&C Solution Center

  • Develop infrastructure for simulation and test bed facilities required for the life-cycle of material development

M&C Strategic Infrastructure

- create the infrastructure for industrial convergence and the development of original core technology

M&C Regional Support Infrastructure

- create regional growth bases and promote new businesses in the M&C sector

Main Programs

  • 1.M&C Statistics
  • 2.Reliability Enhancement Program
  • 3.M&C Total Solution Center
  • 4.Industrial Technology Infrastructure Program
  • 5.Regional Creative Industry Office Support