Local Industry

Local Industry

KIAT develops regional areas and companies to ensure nationwide, balanced growth. It runs a range of programs that develop local industries and human resource in line with regional characteristics, and ensures that planning, growth and development is locally-led.

Regional Growth Promotion and Job Creation

  • Help local firms to create job opportunities
  • Foster economic cooperation between cities and provinces

Regional Infrastructure Development

  • Improve local product quality and attractiveness using local resources
  • Promote regional innovations through building innovation centers and supporting technology development
  • Boost regional economy by utilizing the local public institutes
  • Promote creative economy

Region-specific Policy

  • Hold ‘Local Hope Fairs’
  • Connect young talent to local firms and increase attractiveness of local firms to top talent

Main Programs

  • 1.Regional Industry Nurturing Program
  • 2.Mega-regional Development Support program
  • 3.local-led Industry Development Support program
  • 4.Local Public Agency Support Program
  • 5.“grass-root corporation” Development program (for hidden local products/resources)
  • 6.Region-connected Industry (RIS ) development program
  • 7.Regional Innovation Center (RIC) Development Program
  • 8.Local “Hope Fairs” Programs
  • 9.“Hope Extension” Project