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Industrial Technology
Policy Planning

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KIAT, asinnovation designer, leads industrial technology along right path.KIAT designs and builds the future of industrial technology in Korea by researching and establishing mid to long-term strategies and policies in industrial technology.

Industrial Technology Policy Study and Planning

Identify, research and plan to promote industrial technology innovations
  • Policy research for mid to long-term industrial technology
  • Frequent review of current issues and response formulation in a proactive manner
  • Policy trend research

Industrial Technology Sectors Planning and Strategy

Establish industrial technology R&D strategies reflecting the industrial policies and the environment in effect.
  • Mid to long-term roadmaps for smart manufacturing R&D
  • Strategic roadmaps for industrial technology R&D and R&BD
  • R&D strategies amendments reflecting the international technology regulations in effect

Industrial Technology R&D Analysis

Provide comprehensive performance analysis of industrial technology R&D
  • Analyze policy, investigate issues, improve response system
  • Investigate result utilization status
  • Improve pertinent policies

Networking Forums

Host networking forums to bridge industry, academia, and research institutes
  • Participants from industry and academia such as engineering educational innovation centers, and other technology related enterprises or institutes

Participation of Female Workforce in Industrial R&D

Create a culture welcoming female R&D workforce
  • Career fairs to recruit female R&D labor force
  • Consultation services to entry level female researchers and women with career discontinuation
  • Regional specific female R&D workforce

Main Programs

  • 1.Industrial Technology Policy Research and Planning
  • 2.Industrial Technology R&D Statistics Investigation and Analysis
  • 3.Industrial Technology Strategy Implementation
  • 4.Industrial technology R&D Performance Analysis