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Medium-sized Business Support

Medium-sized business support

KIAT provides a customized‘one-stop’ support structure for mid-sized businesses.In order for mid-sized businesses to grow into global corporations, KIAT assists high-potential firms with their technology development, human resources, and market expansion. To do so, it provides funding programs, management consulting and marketing support.

SME Support Policies

Improve SME support policies to promote growth
  • Provide consultations concerning the policies in place
  • Derive policy improvements through the policy research program
  • Run a comprehensive support program to nurture SMEs

Support Programs for High-Potential SMEs

Provide supports for high-potential SMEs
  • World Class 300 project, Global Tech Company Nurturing program, Competency Improvement program for “hidden champions”

Infrastructure for Sustainable Development

Provide programs to assist employee development in SMEs
  • Hold career fairs
  • Provide training programs to improve competency in human resource management
  • Run a ‘green certificate’ system to support continuous growth in the green industry.

Main Projects

  • 1.Global Tech Company Nurturing Program
  • 2.World Class 300 Project
  • 3.Competency Improvement Program for “hidden champions”
  • 4.Infrastructure for Green Technology Certification
  • 5.K-Girls’ Day