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    Pre-Announcement: We promote innovative projects between South Korean and Swiss partners
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  • Pre-Announcement: We promote innovative projects between South Korean and Swiss partners


    Following the first and second successful calls of 2015 and 2016, the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT) and the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) are launching a third call for joint innovation projects between Switzerland and South Korea.


    Who is the call aimed at?

    ● The call for joint innovation projects is aimed at companies and research institutions in Switzerland and South Korea (consortia) looking to carry out a joint science-based innovation project.

    ● It is aimed for Swiss and Korean companies which see the two countries as a major market and research locations, and which want to take advantage of the benefit from KIAT and CTI funding.

    ● The Call is open for all topics, but focuses on the development of products and services within (1) biotechnology, (2) medtech and (3) information and communication technology (ICT).


    What conditions apply?

    This is an international, bilateral funding measure subject to the funding rules of KIAT and the CTI. Details will be published in the call documentation. The call launches 8 March 2017.
    The funding organisations will be glad to advise interested parties on request. We would kindly ask you to contact the CTI at the following email address (info@kti.admin.ch) with a brief description of the proposal along with any specific questions you may have. We will then get in touch to resolve any issues.


    Which criteria must be met?

    ● The basic requirements for setting up a consortium must be met; in particular, the skills and expertise of the Swiss and South Korean partners should be complementary.

    ● The planned project brings benefits to the project partners in both countries.

    ● The planned innovation project is clearly market-oriented.


    Please refer to the call description, which will be published in March 2017, for full conditions.


    How is the call procedure?

    The call is being conducted in a single stage procedure. Consideration should be given to the following points:

    1. Launch of the call is 8 March 2017.

    2. The closing date for submissions is 19 June 2017.

    3. The joint application together with the CTI application form for Swiss partners and the KIAT application form for partners from South Korea must be written in English. The consortia submits simultaneously to both funding agencies (joint application and CTI application to the CTI, joint application and KIAT application to KIAT).

    4. Notification of the evaluation resultsis beginning of October 2017

    All further information you will find in the call documents published in March 2017.



    Alain Dietrich
    Tel. : +41 58 464 92 87
    Barbara Pfluger
    Tel. : +41 58 462 06 96


    Somie Yoon
    Tel. : +82 2 6009 3181

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