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    Terms of reference for Korean and Czech R&D co-funding project
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  • Terms of Reference
    For Korean-Czech Bilateral Co-funding R&D Projects



    1. Scope


    A Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects between the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT) and the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR) is hereby announced. Joint R&D projects focus on developing innovative products and applications.
    Applicants are expected to develop ready-to-market solutions for products, technology based services or methods which have strong market potential.


    NOTE: This Joint Call for Proposals, written in the English language, serves to provide the common understanding of the program structure and to brief the requirements in general terms. Participants are subject to additional rules and regulations.
    Lead Organizations (Principal Applicants) on both sides, Czech and Korean, have the responsibility to understand the respective national laws, rules and regulations, and abide accordingly.



    2. Program Structure


    Project results shall contribute to the development of commercial products, processes and / or technical services. The project should have an obvious advantage and added value resulting from the cooperation between the participants from the two organizing institutions (e.g. increased knowledge base, commercial needs, access to R&D infrastructure, new fields of application, etc.).


    Any partner whose cooperative R&D project is consistent with the aforesaid criteria can apply to the present announcement in accordance with the national laws, rules, regulations and procedures in effect.


    The program invites technology related organizations from both countries to participate in joint R&D projects. Refer to Section 2.2 Applicant Eligibility for more information. Joint R&D Project Proposals shall be submitted according to the following procedures.


    2.1 Areas of R&D Projects


    Green Car and automobile parts

    System semi-conduct

    Embedded Software

    Internet of Things

    Key Enabling Technology (KETs)

    Space Technologies and space Applications


    2.2 Applicant Eligibility


    Applicants shall take the form of a consortium consisting of R&D participants based in the Republic of Korea and R&D participants based in the Czech Republic.



    An SME shall be the lead organization on the Korean side while universities or research institutes may participate as participating organizations only.



    A company, regardless of the size, must be the lead organization on the Czech side. Universities or research organizations may apply for the DELTA program funding only provided that the consortium constitutes at least one Czech company.


    2.3 Program Procedure and Schedule


    ① Joint Call for Proposals
    TA CR: 6th June 2018
    KIAT: 7th June 2018


    ② Submission / Requisition of R&D proposals
    TA CR: 7th June - 7th August 2018
    KIAT: 8th June - 7th August 2018


    ③ Proposal Evaluation (Refer to Section 2.6)
    TA CR: 8th August - 30th November 2018
    KIAT: 8th August - 22nd November 2018


    ④ Evaluation Results Announcement
    30th November 2018


    ⑤ Agreement Between the Participants and the Respective Organization
    KIAT: since 30th November 2018 onwards
    TA CR: December 2018 - January 2019


    ⑥ Project Kickoff (eligible costs since)
    KIAT: 1st December 2018
    TA CR: 1st December 2018 - 30th June 2019


    ⑦ Start of Funding
    KIAT: 1st December 2018
    TA CR: January 2019 onwards


    2.4 Project Duration and Funding.


    ● Government contribution is available for two years maximum in Korea and for three years maximum in Czech.

    ● KIAT and TA CR will fund the respective nationals in the selected consortia in accordance with their national funding rules. Supplementary funding may come from participant’s own resources should the total project cost exceed the government funding.

    ● Matching fund is the basis of the funding scheme, but flexibility in the funding ratio may be allowed depending on the roles each participant undertakes.



    KIAT will award its first year funding in December 2018 following the agreement.
    The subsequent funding will be awarded on a yearly basis according to the annual evaluation results. No government funding will be awarded should the project is found to be disqualified; the Korean participants may proceed with their own source of fund.
    KIAT to Korean participants:

    KRW 500 million/ project maximum annum, up to 2 years
    (appx USD 467,000* annum)



    TACR will award funding in January 2019 following the conclusion of agreement on the provision of funding with the lead applicant.
    One time lump sum funding will be awarded not to exceed CZK 25 million/project for the entire duration of the project of 3 years. Should the project be found to be disqualified from the interim evaluations, TA CR may retrieve the unused government funding.

    TA CR to Czech participants:
    CZK 25 million/ project maximum, one time lump sum, up to 3 years
    (appx USD 1,213,000* one time lump sum)

    * may vary depending on the exchange rate in effect at the time of tender


    2.5 Proposal Submission


    By the Call Deadline on 7th August 2018 (TA CR) and 8th August (KIAT), the lead organizations from both countries shall file to the respective organization the documents as follows:

    ● A common proposal (attached), written in the English language
    The proposal shall be signed by all participants.

    ● Funding documents as required by the respective organization pursuant to the rules set forth within.



    ● Korean participants shall upload a complete funding application at the time of the proposal submission.

    ● More information is available at www.k-pass.kr

    ● Consultation at an early stage is highly recommended.

    ● Additional documents related to evaluation process will be required.



    ● Czech participants shall upload a complete funding application at the time of the proposal submission.

    ● More information is available at:

    ● Consultation at an early stage (before the call is launched/opened on 6th June 2018) is highly recommended. After 6th June 2018 only consultations via official TA CR online helpdesk (https://tacr.cz/hesk/) is available in order to secure the same access to information to all applicants.


    2.6 Proposal Evaluation


    All Czech and Korean applicants are subject to initial screening which examines the institution’s capability to carry out the project. Examination criteria includes, but are not limited to, bankruptcy history, disposition for tax delinquency, default history of the head of the company, debt ratio, review of the recent financial statement in terms of capital erosion, etc. Failure in any of the criteria will disqualify the applicant and the respective proposal will not proceed to the next step of proposal evaluation.


    KIAT and TA CR will independently evaluate the submitted proposals in accordance with the respective national rules and regulations. Evaluation results for the top candidates will be shared and discussed between two organizations. Finally, KIAT and TA CR will jointly select the final consortia within approximately 4-5 months after the call deadline


    2.7 Annual Evaluation / Progress Inspection



    KIAT requires the lead organization (SME) on the Korean side to submit an annual evaluation report of the project no later than one month prior to the end of each project year. In addition to the report submission, annual evaluation may include onsite inspection, interview, etc.

    In case the Korean lead organization (SME) fails to submit the report in time or the project progress is found to have failed its obligations, etc., the project may be disqualified for government funding and terminated early. The Korean participant may proceed with their own source of fund.



    TA CR performs regular inspections of the supported projects, at least once during its solution. Also, TA CR may demand project reports for review and ad hoc inspections may be executed when a problem is spotted. In case the project is found to have failed its obligations, the Board of TA CR may retrieve the TA CR funding, of which the final amount to be retrieved is calculated in accordance with the national rules and regulations in effect at the time. In case the project is disqualified by the Korean side only, the case will be subject to further evaluation by the Board of TA CR to decide whether to retrieve the remaining government funding.



    3. Contacts





    Mr. Yongsang Jo
    E-mail: jys2949@kiat.or.kr
    Tel.: +82-2-6009-3184
    Fax: +82-2-6009-3199

    Mrs. Eva Bendlova
    E-mail: eva.bendlova@tacr.cz
    Tel.: +420 234 611 637

    Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology
    5th Fl., Korea Tech Center
    305 Teheranno
    Seoul, Republic of Korea

    Evropska 1692/37
    160 00 Prague 6
    Czech Republic


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